Fiat Stall

Winner of the best stall award at the 2018 NADA Autoshow in Kathmandu, we were able to take advantage of the NADA Auto Show to premiere their speed based motorcycle and designed an immersive experience to feel the race-theme. The theme was expressed through the use of racing track covering the whole stall and use of their theme color through acrylic as well as the lightings provided. The acrylic strips in the base track of the display and the hand-picked brandings in the walls explaining the various motorcycles displayed helped to further co-define the theme. Participants were able to easily roam around the whole space and feel each motorcycle in display and share their video experience via social media, helping UM Motors with the buzz around their product.

UM Motors assigned our firm to represent them in the NADA Autoshow, 2016 where they were in the verge of launching various models of motorbike ranging from Renegade Commando to NitroX. We optimized their booth space by focusing on key elements of the theme related to their product (motorcycles). The four corners of the booth represented mountain slopes and each corner featured a space for meetings and storage. The stall was developed on the theme of Rustic modality, showcasing the motion displays demonstrating wheels riding over stone terrain which caught attention and helped bring the booth to life.

Location – Kathmandu

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Client : FIAT Auto

Appointment Date: 2016

Completion Date: 2016

Structural Engineer: Er. Santhosh Shrestha